Case Study:


GPS Influence worked with AFSCME, one the nation’s largest public sector labor unions to create an organic social media campaign targeted at men of color between the ages of 18 and 35 for the organization’s I AM initiative.

GPS developed a comprehensive organic social media program for Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook designed to increase engagement and drive civic participation and action among target audiences by focusing on:

  • Education and entertainment — We know people are more likely to share content that speaks to their everyday concerns in ways that are both educational and entertaining. We worked with AFSCME to reframe issues in ways that were relevant to the target audience(s). This included GIFs, how-tos and explainers on how people can get engaged with the government and the impact they can have when they do.
  • Empowerment through interactivity — Simply articulating the problems is not enough to make people feel invested in the solutions. By experimenting with interactive approaches like polls and surveys GPS worked with AFSCME to both increase engagement and combat apathy.
  • Storytellers and Influencers — Lifting up the voices of people your audience identifies with is another way to make them feel personally connected to these issues. Content like Facebook live videos or Instagram stories or reels that follow an activist or well-respected supporter can help you establish a more personal, authentic connection with your online audiences.